Frequently Asked Questions


Why is there a 1-on-1 phone session?

There are several reasons: (1) It’s more thorough. People tend to give less information typing than they would speaking, and we want as much information as possible in order to have the best inclusions (2) It’s more efficient. When you have questions or we need additional clarity it's a lot faster to gain further clarity on the phone rather than waiting on email or chat responses. (3) It provides an opportunity to give you feedback on how to address a resume point in your interview.

Can I get a resume if I don't want to speak on the phone?

Absolutely! For clients who need additional communication accessibility, we offer either an online chat session or send us a previous resume and include current details and we will re-write your resume and make sure it is optimized for ATS scans. For this option email us at ATTN: Write-Only Team

Is there a discount if I need multiple resumes?

If you have diverse experience that crosses over multiple career options you need multiple resumes for each career. If this is the case, be sure to let your assessment advisor know that you are considering multiple resumes even if your plan is to purchase the additional resume at a later time. As long as all of your information is captured during your Stratagem Session, you will save 30% on each additional resume. Use couponcode RezPlus at checkout.

Why do resume packages cost more based on experience?

More experience equates to more information for our assessment advisers to disseminate during your session, more time for resume writers to formulate your resume, and will require more input from industry experts. We offset the additional expense with included add-on services. Click here to see our packages.

Do I get a discount on a resume package if I already purchased an assessment package and later decide to upgrade?

Yes! As every resume package includes an assessment we will deduct the full cost of the assessment package from your resume package. If you purchase a resume package within 90 days of the purchase of your assessment package use coupon code StratagemFirst at checkout. You must provide the same email address for both the assessment package and the resume package. Call us at 240-219-2440 or reach out to your assessment advisor for more information.

If I am changing careers, should I purchase a package for a lower experience level?

Resumes that are designed for career changes employ a strategy to use your previous experience and incorporate in a relevant way to your new resume. Therefore if you have experience use it. Or if you believe only 5 years or less of your experience should be incorporated into your new resume choose the Aspire package. For additional clarity or questions, call 1-844-922-7337 to speak to an advisor for more information.