5 Tips to Getting Hired Faster as the Pandemic Lifts

Updated: Jul 1

If you are one of the 9.8 million unemployed persons as of April 2021 in the US looking for a job now that businesses are finally beginning to ramp up hiring efforts, you know that you have a lot of competition. Fortunately, the below 5 tips are tried and true and if used in conjunction with the online job search efforts will help you land a job faster in any job market, coming out of a pandemic or otherwise.

1. Utilize Recruitment Agencies and Staffing Companies

Recruitment agencies and Staffing firms work to get you hired at no cost to you. They typically have corporate clients on hand with jobs to fill which means faster interviews. They also work fast to get you hired because they are often competing with other recruiters to fill open positions and they don’t make a commission if their candidates aren’t hired.

Recruitment Agency costs account for 22% of corporate recruitment costs

Employers are spending considerable amounts of money to find qualified candidates through recruitment agencies. Companies are dedicating 52% of their recruitment budgets to external recruiting and job boards and 22% of that is dedicated to recruitment agencies. It’s also common for recruitment agencies to negotiate your salary, and it’s in their best interest to get you a higher salary because their fee is often a percentage of your salary.

Realize that when you interview with a Recruitment Agency, you should interview with the same level of professionalism as you would when interviewing with any employer. When you communicate and interview with a Recruitment Agency, the recruiters are screening you to determine if you are a worthy candidate to pass along to their hiring clients. Remember, with each candidate they pass along, their reputation to produce quality candidates is at stake. If they rank you as a quality candidate and you don’t get the job, they submit you for, they will keep your information on file so for future clients with similar hiring needs.

2. Networking + New Circles = Referrals

Socialize, cultivate friendships, meet new acquaintances, and find out who is hiring, but most importantly who will refer you. Referrals are 5 times more likely to be hired. This is because statistics show that referrals garner the most above-average quality applicants. For this reason, top companies have referral programs and will even pay employees who refer a new hire.

Networking in social groups may lead to referrals Photo by ELEVATE on Pexels

Talk to people, network with professionals or join groups with common hobbies or extracurricular activities you are interested in. There are bound to be professionals among them. Talk to friends, family, social groups, church groups, and if you want to meet new people online, sources for new network circles include Meetup.com and Facebook Groups. Connect and get to know people well enough for a referral because not only are companies statistically more satisfied with referred hires, but they also