The RCF Info Strategy Session is a live in-depth phone assessment and Q&A devised  to set your resume and experience apart. Your Advisor will cover four areas as described below, and provide you an opportunity to ask industry questions and advice. After your RCF Info Strategy Session your Advisor will then provide a recap of the advice and strategies discussed. RCF Info Strategy Sessions  are included in all of our packages.

Career goals and viability

We discuss what types of jobs you are interested in and what type of companies you want to avoid. Includes: Positions of interest (title, company, industry, etc); Type of company preferred and types of companies opposed;  Advantages and barriers towards ideal position, industry, or company; High level career trajectory (where you are and want to be in 5 – 10 years)

Review of your resume and/or experience

We collect as much information as possible so that we can best determine which material will best highlight your skills and impress hiring managers and which to exclude. Includes: Review up to 20 years of experience depending on relevance. Resolve career blemishes or areas of concern; identify additional information to be added; Frame your experience so that it is in line with your career goals

Identify, quantify, and specify your achievements

We ask questions to identify how to best quantify your experience (how many? Of how much? How long? Etc) We break it down to percentages or figures depending on which makes you look best. We find calculations and figures in order to bring depth to your experience. Such As: Identify your achievements; Find out parameters within your experience; Define success in terms of numbers, percentages, and other specifics; How you compare to the competition

Develop the foundations of a strategy to produce a unique and impressive resume

We provide a high level strategy for your resume writer, whether you write it yourself or one of our professional writers takes over. Includes: Suggestions for improvement; Valuable additions or strategic removals; Resume re-organization strategies; How to make your resume complement your interview; Industry tips and tricks to getting noticed